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Originally Posted by tonyyeb View Post
But if they changed it to match PAL Amiga games would it not screw things up for other formats (SNES, MD, NES etc...) ? You can't have your cake and eat for all formats it would seem.

Having it as 512 pixels high doesn't mess with SNES/MD/NES etc. as they all have less than 512 pixels in height. What are you talking about?

Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I don't see that as a problem - you'll have the same issues when you run an amiga emulator on any widescreen PC. You'll either have to have black bars to the left/right, or lose the bottom/top of the screen. Or stretch to fit.

It's not like you won't have the ability to choose which works for you, is it?
What are you talking about? My point is that 480 pixels is not large enough to display the 512 lines needed to display full PAL resolutions. So you are always going to get cut off screens for games which use more than the 480. Having black bars on the side has nothing to do with that.

Unless of course you want it in lowres 320x256 which would appear absolutely tiny in the middle of a big black box
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