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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
The screen resolution is 800x480 which is gonna be a bit of a crap for miggy emulation.
There majority of Amiga 500-games have a 16:10-widescreen resolution of 320x200 pixels. They are almost ideal for the Pandora's 5:3- (or 15:9-)format and will look marvellous in fullscreen-mode (upscaling using bilinear filter looks great already on PSPUAE even though the emu is slow).

And having borders on the sides for 320x256-pixel games (Alien Breed, Battle Squadron PAL, Pinball Dreams, etc.) and SuperNES-games is not a problem for me (it's no different on my notebook). The screen's height is still quite huge for a handheld.
Of course 480 pixels height isn't perfect for upscaling 256 pixels but since the pixels are so small it shouldn't be noticable.
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