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some news:
The board specifications, completed as design, are now:
-Big Performance Plus: 2 independent 64bit busses with symmetrical
256MB CHIP and 256MB FAST DDR2 memory, both clocked with FPGA speed
-68060 on CPU-card via PCI (optionally local SRAM)
-Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA with interal SRAM for 3d texturemapper speed-up

-DVI-output for flatscreens
-usb1.1 for mouse/keyboard

-2x dma-capable IDE
-VGA output (with integrated scandoubler)
-15kHz Video Out
-floppy connector, supporting Amiga-diskettes
-parallel and serial
-ps2-connector for AMIGA-keyboard or PC ps2-keyboard (autodetect)
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