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Originally Posted by Rixa View Post
When booted with the indytest disk, kickstart 40.68 and wb 40.42. It's not visible in euro36 but in addition to super72 laced it is visible in euro72 productivity laced, as well as multiscan productivity laced and dblpal/dblntsc high res laced.
As I expected.

When I was implementing the Screen Mode detection in the FPGA, I had to implement a work-around for Euro36/Euro72/Super72 modes, because on Workbench 3.0, these modes use an inverted field order. Seems Commodore fixed some of those bugs in subsequent releases, so now I have to implement switchable field orders for these modes depending on the Workbench you are using. That's what updates are good for...

Hope I haven't broken the board, though this seems a fairly unlikely outcome if that were the case. I've not used these before, basically just PAL/NTSC. I even re-flashed the 1.1 firmware in case it was that, but it didn't help.
Guys, don't panic. It's impossible to destroy Indivision AGA through software. It's a newly designed product, and I am actively reading forums to address various issues in future updates.

I'm not missing these resolutions but if they work for everybody else, then something is obviously up. I suppose I'll e-mail Jens in case he has any insight.
No need to bother him, since I am reading this forum. Just look out for further updates, we exactly made the hardware this flexible for fixing such issues.

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