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Ok, I finally got this working last night.

It appears V1.277 is the latest release of the complete toolset and that V1.279 is just a minor update of the driver (i.e. you can use the 1.277 toolset with the 1.279 driver[fileystem]).

I had to do a full (slow) format of my CF to FAT32 using WinXP as it was not playing ball before I could install SFS correctly (which might be down to a pervious stuff-up on my part?).

The only thing that I did different from the guide was to use OS3.9’s HDToolBox (the theory being that it’s more compatible with a 4GB CF) and also to delete the existing filesystem (fastfilesystem) from the boot sector of my CF. I’ve now got a 4GB CF (Sandisk Ultra 2) with 4 SFS partions (the 1st SFS partion is bootable) and a happy OS3.9 install

As mentioned in the guide, when loading the SFS filesystem you must type in the following DosType: 0×53465300

I wonder how I'd get on with an 8GB CF?
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