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What? There's no UK Amiga user group? Even Melbourne in Australia has two (which I'd go to if it was closer). I don't think it would be that hard to organise and set one up if there's enough interest. For example if I were to set up an Amiga club here, I'd use the Scout hall (you know the boy Scouts, cubs, Rangers, those guys). They hire the hall out for $50 a day and it's plenty big enough for heaps of people, has toilets, showers, a kitchen... I'd just take a bunch of tables, chairs, extension cords and power boards, and invite all the local Amiga people. Unfortunately all the local Amiga people already live in my house, and it's just the two of us.

I'm sure you guys must have some cheap but good hall nearby you can hire out for the day. Everyone can bring their Amigas or whatever, link them up, play some games, swap some files, eat some pizza. Some guy brings a video projector, and you all start playing multiplayer games on it. Write up a big list of all the latest Amiga news to talk about with the group, I dunno maybe even organise a quiz. And of course each meeting can be like a mini swap-meet where you can palm off all your old crap on other people.

And every time you have a meeting, stick a huge banner up over the front door to let the world know there's an Amiga club going on inside.

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