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>I have never heard so much dribble. Sids do not take that much cpu power, perhaps if you were using a 486 you would have
>problems with sids or mods but anything newer and your fine. as for an amiga well honestly a bog a3640(040/25) for a shit
> amiga 4000 can play sids no trouple.

An Amiga 500 MC68000 at 7.14 mhz with 512k of ram can play SIDs with CPU time to spare. There shouldn't be any problems with other Amigas

If you're using a PC then you'd probably be better off using Sidplay/Sidplug/etc. instead of using WinUAE to emulate Amiga's Paula sound chip which in turn is being used to emulate the Sid!

Ummm.. even the old 486 had a LOT of CPU power - don't write older machines off just because bloated and sluggish Micro$oft operating systems have trouble running on them - An old DOS version sidplay will play SIDs fine on a 486/386/286 - not sure about an 8086/8088.
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