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Retro Music...

Heh... hope you guys won't mind me posting this here, just thought a few of the nostalgic among you will identify with a track I've been working on.

It's a remix of a Breakbot track (his style is pretty much house), which I merged with another track from ZX Orchestra. Whilst this sounded ok, I decided to finish this one off properly. So what was going to be a Breakbot Vs ZX Orchestra has turned in to a weird mix of sounds from the ZX Spectrum, Amiga A500, and Gameboy.

Whilst there's loads of elements in there, the most notable acknowlegement I want to make is to Tim Follin, as I used 2 samples from LED Storm (snare drum, and synth bass) to add that Amiga charm. The snare drum was also placed through an Emulator SP1200 to get more "crunch".

So why do this? Well, retro computer sounds are cool - I love mixing loads of different styles together to create something new.

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