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Sids and amiga + pc.

I have never heard so much dribble. Sids do not take that much cpu power, perhaps if you were using a 486 you would have problems with sids or mods but anything newer and your fine. as for an amiga well honestly a bog a3640(040/25) for a shit amiga 4000 can play sids no trouple.

For the PC there is a sid plugin for the net and a sid plugin for winamp. It works pritty well but hey if your heavily into the music you can buy a sid sound card that can have anything upto 4 sid chips. its PCI I am pritty sure. Its got its own software and works quite well I hear.

The amiga has a sid library that allot of music players can use, most notable is Hippeplayer. Delitracker can also play sids rather well.

Anyway I do like sids but most music was better on the amiga.
Purely because they made it into a mod and reworked it.
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