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prb megademo8 kefrens

As i posted in nostalgia demos, I might as well throw a post in here while I'm at it
I'm running megademo8 on an ocs amiga 500, w. 0,5mb expansion and it allways crash after the rotate part, mind u i'm running both snakebite and rotate untill end of music, then when I try load 3rd part it keeps crashing
I tried turning off exp. ram, same deal, allso the first part by icronite is having problems here with strange sprite behavior, except if I start with this part
Is this demo buggy like hell ? do I have bad dumps ? or is this one for ecs amiga's ? maybe i need to rip out the exp. ram completely (havent tried that yet)?
I do seem to remember having it run as it should, maybe it was just a lucky run. Any info would be helpfull plz, thx
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