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well im only 17 now so i dont exactly have that much experience.
the first machine i played was my mums Micro 10, which had 10 games with the little lines, like pong.
the when i was about 2 mybrother got a ZX spectrum which i played to death (literally), but by this time my bro had moved out and left it to me so he wasnt botherd.
when i was 8, totally out of the blue, i got an A600. i had never even heard of it, but it was awesome!
in 1999 i got a PSX.
2001 i got my first PC, a 100mhz, win 95 (im not exactly rich) that my sister gave to me.
2002, my sister moved back home so now i have a cool laptop aswell as the PC, PSX, and A600!
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