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Originally Posted by tonyyeb View Post
As shown in my location...


I'm in Hull which is only 40 or so miles away from Leeds and would welcome a local group, I would be willing to help with organisation, setting up website, newsletter, membership etc...
You don't need a newsletter unless you don't plan to meet. Most members in my usergroup (ANT) get their news from Amigans, Amigaworld, EAB, etc, etc. Basically, if you're into Amiga, you visit sites like the ones above.

If you do plan to meet, my advise is as follows:
*Find a Cheap venue, hold it once a month.
*Once you are established as a group, try and get in old monitors, keyboards, mouse's, power extension leads, etc, and leave them at the venue (which is what we do) this encourages more people to attend if they know that all they need to do is bring their machines along
* Meet at the same time every month, don't chop and change dates, if you have a small membership, then meet every other month. Remember, keep the costs down as much as possible.
*Ensure that the venue has facilities for power and some basic tea/coffee making facility (essential). Toilets help too! ;-)
- Our venue now has internet access, since we went 50/50 with the vicar.
*Establish a mailing list, once you get a few people, use it not only to remind people of meeting dates but also of breaking news, such as new OS4.1, SAM, etc, this gets discussion going amongst members.

Organisational wise:
*Chairman, (i.e. the driving force of the group and he/she has to be commited - believe me, people say I should have been years ago!)
*A Deputy Chairman, someone who is willing to fill in at last minute but wouldn't want to do the job all the time
*Treasurer, should not be the chairman, thats for sure. Someone who will collect the cash from members who attend and use it to pay the costs of the hall.
At ANT we collect £4 from each member and use it to pay for the venue (our only cost) if we have any money left over, it is held by the treasurer until Christmas, and then we go and blow part of it on a xmas meal together (cost of meal is part subsidised but typically everyone pays around £5-10 on the day).
(Last xmas, we ordered 14 pizzas from Pizza hut and had it delivered to the hall. BURP!!!) ;-)
This year, we're going chinese ;-)

All this helps to not only keep the group together, but everyone ends up becoming good friends.

Hope the above helps.

Mikey C
(ANT Chairman)
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