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Originally posted by Bloodwych
YES! Someone in the world who doesn't use mobiles!!!!!!!
That makes three of us Except for my 83 year-old gran, *everyone* that I know has a mobile. I'll stick with the 'old-fashioned' instant messaging and e-mail, thank you very much

To get back onto the main topic, as I haven't reviewed enough old threads, I can't give a definitive answer. In vague terms, anything that is written with nostalgia in mind does it for me. 'What is your favourite...?' or 'Can you remember...?' are always sure things to spark and maintain my interest.

Then there is any subject steered towards the technical side of things - such as how a given technique was created (or what it did) or what the hardware was/is capable of.

Finally, (it may go without saying) to reach the top, a topic has to stay clear of descending into either a flame war or a 'mine is better than yours'.
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