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Iso buster v2.4 is what i have been using. Take the CUCD13.iso and look at that in iso buster properties it shows cd-da / cd-rom. But the cd tracks layout and sessions show only one data track, it's not correct. Looking at CUCD9.bin or CUCD13.bin loaded from their que files it is correct you see all tracks and sessions.

So i take the CUCD13.iso and tell it to make a cue for it. Once for 2048 and another for 2352 mixed mode cd. It still cannot do the job, must be a bug with it or something. As a test it should least put in the cue sheet file what it knows from the properties. It can't see the cd image layout correctly.

I have total commander, i think it's a pile of..
Thank you for pointing it out the software. All your suggestions i will install and check them out.

Ultra iso, i will check next.

But none of this is usefull for the FTP, it is only for my interest in testing and seeing correctly any amiga cd. If find one that is intelligent enough to show as it should be. Should be a tool we all should have, for amiga on windows os.
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