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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Is there a third file with the bin & cue image (the wav of the cdda)? It should also be in the cue file. If so this is correct image and like you said the iso is missing this track.
The way the cd is made up is standard format, mixed-mode cd.

Oh no how did I forgot about cd layouts, using dvd to long maybe. The .bin and cue is correct as long as the .cue file has the info. Take the cue file away and it knows nothing of the extra cdda track.

Restart pc been on for many days, The .iso is now seen correctly !!?! i don't know why it is or what has changed:
in iso buster, the only software to reconise the .iso correctly.

Sorry for alarm and any worries here, all over in less than no time. CUCD images now beng .7z compressed as i type on other pc. It would be nice if 7z had a gui batch imaging capabilty, be able to load and come back later, no worries. I Thought that of winrar longtime ago also, maybe win pack coders don't like batch such interfaces.

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