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CUCD13.bin & cue have two tracks (1-data - 2-cdda)
CUCD13.iso have one track (1-data)

I will use CUCD13.bin & cue for 7z compression. The cdda track sounds like amiga music, captured to wav format.

I assume it is correct to use the .bin and .cue file over the .iso in this instance, what do you think ?

If the above is correct and needed to be done, the following info then is needed.
To list here which CUCD cds are dual track cds (data and cdda audio). By using info from original cd or from CUCD magazine multi cd list index ,if CUCD ever made one. The same also for AFCD cds, and AACD cds though i doubt AACD cds would have had dual tracks ?

Please don't use the FTP images you have downloaded to get this information, verification from the original cds is only needed.

Also the rockridge format description is missing from many images, is this acceptable.
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