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Originally posted by Akira
That thing used to come with A1200s, methinks.Mine came with the machine, its Commodore brand.

Now I think Ill spend me cash on a scandoubler. I cant be hunting 1084s forever, I buy them and they die in a month man It's phase-out time for C= monitors.
Agree with you Akira, I came to that conlucsion about a year ago, too much frustration with old commodore monitors going bang. So I got a scandoubler, works very well, one day I'll have to save up for an LCD monitor, and run the amiga thru that. Once you get a scandoubler you never look back .. I'm just worried about the scan double going bang...

Oh, I read in another thread something about pumping composite out from miggy to a TV card in a PC and then displaying the amiga stuff that way. Just wondering if that is any good, or what quality trade offs can one expect.
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