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Wow... I want to tell you about my pen & paper D&D sessions!!
We usually play D&D 2/3 times per year, as we have very few time, and usually we are just 3: me, the Dungeon Master (as I'm the only one who reads the manuals ) and two friends of mine. We play at high levels, so in the party I have a Lawful Evil vampire fighter/priest of Set/Necromancer and a Neutral elven thief/mage, and my alter-ego is a powerful NPC, a 15000 years old Neutral Lich noble/priest of Math fab Mathonwy/mage (he was Neutral Evil in life, but as he becomes an undead he founds that wars like "good vs evil" and "law vs chaos" are useless, so becomes a crusader of Neutrality).

The main goals of my campaigns usually focus on preserve the balance between god and evil, so characters sometimes have to help an Oder of Paladins to defeat a powerful Demon Lord, and sometimes have to assassinate a "too good & powerful" king.

Very nice adventures we played were...

* the characters are sent to investigate about a strange "magic storm" invisible to mankind, located in a lost island in a far tropical sea. The island is inhabited by a (somehow) friendly tribe of Thri-Kreen, which leads the party to an old ruins complex on a hill. At night, the ruins are infested by specters and appears a passage to another plane, the Dimension of Nightmare. Characters discover the island were once part of a big continent, where humans and Thri-Kreen lived and prospered together in peace. But the human high priest secretly was a follower of Chtulhu and he planned to destroy civilization. So, he sacrificed a young girl after drugged her to kill her during a nightmare, in order to collect enough spiritual energy to become a powerful undead and destroy civilization shattering the continent. He is the source of the magic storm, as he gathering all magic force he can as he want to destroy civilization in all the world. So, the party and some brave Thri-Kreen NPCs have to cross the Dimension of Nightmare, found the captured ghost of the young girl and free her, as she is the source of the power of the evil cleric, then defeat the evil cleric himself.

* the characters discover that and ancient unborn God, Marcus the Atropal, wants to conquer their world so their guild (the Brotherhood of Shadows, composed by thieves, assassins and priests of Set) is forced to make a desperate alliance with a Lawful Good church and the Chaotic Evil cultists of Orcus and find the followers of Marcus, the Seven Witches. Every witch has the power to command undead unbord children and ghost kids, so many battles were really creepy. After the war against Marcus, the cultists of Orcus turned against their weakened allies...
Notes: an Atropal is a powerful undead monster, the fetus of an unborn god.

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