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DMS Problems - Please Help

Hello Guys,

I have just found a lot of Amiga Stuffs of a friend of mine BBS that are not in Tosec.
But the problem is that a lot of files .dms that I try to trasfer on floppy disk do not work and I have this error:

Can't open inputfile low.DMS

Checksum Error T:00 U:11264 R:8 P:337 L:8 O:00E6 N:0158

I am using DMS V1.1

I was able to unpack only 15 disks but I have more than 11,000 files.

I used

DMS write namefile.dms low 0 high 79

Can you help me to tell how to unpack all these other files?

Would be good bcoz I have a lot of stuff not in Tosec!!

Help me please!
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