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More updates, and MODS, please let us know if we should start taking this kind of talk to prb.hardware; I have fixed my pixel clock settings on the LCD monitor. What ended up doing the trick was a program from aminet called monitor test.


I went into the MOIRE settings and you will immediately notice it looks like a bunch of waves. I adjusted my monitor pixel clock settings until it looked like flat gray background and exited the utility. At this point I had to adjust the monitor centering as the right part of the screen ended up being out of view. After centering it is now working great with only a little ghosting, probably due to the cable and or quality of the dell monitor.

It makes sense that a multiscan monitor would not have these issues as they are designed to work with a far greater range of settings.

It still seems as if adjusting settings in the indivision config utility does not change anything for me, but at least I was able to tweak the monitor to work with the indivision default settings. I am also having the occasional issue where I reboot and do not get a signal. If I turn the machine off for a minute, it will come on fine. I am 3.0 roms by the way if anyone was wondering.

Thanks everyone.

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