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Hi, yes 1.1 firmware and .9 config tool. I can confirm that no matter what I set in the config tool, save it, reboot it still uses default factory settings. I also tell the config tool to take timing from user settings.

I have an NTSC Rev 1.D board. Yes, if I turn the system off for about an hour and turn it back on I get the same graphics glitches I got with the multiscan monitor on the RGB to VGA adapter. I was hoping those were just a byproduct of using the RGB to VGA adapter but it appears to be something on the motherboard. I am probably screwed as I have no idea how to solder and stuff.

What you are describing was what I was getting all of the time until the last of several re-seating of the card. My guess is it isn't on all the way.

I still think that when all is said and done, my problems are that it STILL isn't seated correctly. I may have to try the sanding trick...

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