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I have started to mod the RF shield for fitting in with the Indivision AGA. This is scary, because I have no experience, primitive tools, and am basically uncomfortable about modding in the first place. I lost my original RF shield top when moving years ago. I'd probably continue making do without one if I hadn't actually ordered a spare with the Indivision AGA, before I knew that it won't fit without mods .. so I decided to mod it.

It's going pretty well, considering. I wanted to take away as little as possible, meaning not to cut away the entire plate under the hard disk if I could avoid it. I made a hole where the Lisa socket pins strike out, where a small chip rests on the back of the Indivision board and where the VGA pins are soldered.

That takes care of the protruding and obviously conducting parts. I wouldn't turn the thing on like this, though. For testing I've had a sheet of paper rest between the shield and the board, and its still working. I'm thinking maybe it would be a good idea to attach a thin sheet of plastic or sticky paper to the underside of the shield for a more permanent insulation solution.

The shield plate is pretty level with the board. It's touching and feeling pretty firm even, but not bulging due to it. Seems like it could be helpful to people who have a problem with their board popping off. I still need to make room for the ribbon cable. I think I will probably cut a slit for it into the removable part of the shield and bring it on top of the shield there.

Any comments? Am I lucky to not have blown the thing up yet?
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