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@illy : be insured that i use the latest firmware 1.1 and that i saved the config with user user settings are well applied (all of them : scanlines,hfreq,vfreq) et fresh start (power up) and upon reset when i pushed down ctrl+a+a long enough for the indivision to properly initialize's just that when i use software reset (tude for instance) or when i perform a short pressure on crtl+a+a that i get factory default settings....i really think it may be a matter of rom 3.0 issue as they're well known to allow little time for device initialisation process on reboot..but as long as i could solve this with a little exec in my startup files, i would be fine..i'm sure it's possible to do as just launching the config tool without any other action solves this issue...

about pixel clock, i really have not any screen distorsion (ghosting effects,...) like's just that i loose sync on a random basis with my lcd whereas my crt is perfectly synced...from the config tool there are not many possible values for this (either scan factor of 1x giving around 57mhz or 1.25x giving around 71mhz)..i just try to understand :shouldnt pixel clock be close to hfreq*hres meaning that for 31khz a pixel clock of 57mhz means a horizontal resolution of 1850 approx...couldn't this param be divided by 2 for most resolutions and let as it is for resolution higher than 640 hres ?



PS: ratte i supposed that you were part of the designing team so that's why i'm posting all the details it the right place to do so or should i report it anywhere else ? (apart from german forums as i'm totally dumb in german!)

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