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hey... this is quite a happy coincidence - I think I know the ones you're referring to, and I'm also looking for the full set, as I'm about to write a detailed article on the history of Gaming Music (from ZX spectrum to modern day music composition).

These disks started my interest in sound and music.

One of the scenes from the disk set has some quite interesting sounds going on to demonstrate the "Paula" chip, so I'd be very interested if anyone knows where to get these disks set from.

Out of the 12 (or is it 15) disks sets I've found 2 from my disk drawer (yes I still keep most of my Amiga disks). I'm unsure if they still work, and I'm unfortunately unskilled in converting these over to adf.

Are these the ones you were referring to or am I totally off the mark?

I've attached a link to the image as well just in case:
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