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@pbarages: Do note that you have to tell the indivision config util to use "User Settings" for display timing instead of "default settings" if you want it to boot with your settings. With that said. I changed the settings numerous times to radically different settings and my Dell reports the same scan frequencies each time I reboot and like you, I can never seem to find a pixel clock setting that works correctly and auto-detect settings look like crap as well on both of my Dell LCD's. My ancient multiscan CRT works perfectly with no pixel clock issues and no ghosting whatsoever, but it is a CRT and I was hoping to get rid of it. The best I can figure is that my settings changes simply aren't taking even though I am hitting save and telling it to use user configuration.

For all of you wondering what all the fuss is about, pixel clock issues show up as ghosted letters or lines spaced apart every few millimeters. It is REALLY evident on the WHDLOAD "please register" screen. On my CRT it is a nice consistent blue pattern, on my LCD is looks like it has vertical waves of dark and light blue color going through it. I have a hard time believing that there aren't more people with pixel clock issues on lcd monitors out there.

I haven't tried sanding the board down but I might have to...

I should also note that this issue only shows up in HighGFX 1024X768. All native Amiga screen modes (read that as to say "When I play games") work perfectly fine...

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