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thanks illy for your insights! a quick update on my front:

- black screen random interruptions : as suspected i tried it on a CRT and it works great so i guess my LCD fails to sync properly to the signal and even if the image is clear sharp most of the time, it lacks some frames some times which is very annoying..i tried to match some recommended screen settings from owners manual (hfreq/vfreq/polarity sets for a given resolution) but it seems that the imposed pixel clock (which is the only thing i cannot set from config tool) is far above what is suggested in the manual (ie 57Mhz vs 25-30 range for these kinds of resolution)..anyone can help me about these tech details as i do not know anything about this ? may we hope for the ability to set lower pixel clocks in next firmwares?

- indivision fails to apply saved settings and display indivision logo on reset sometimes...the CRT did not change anything to this, still happens on a regular i said simply running the config tool solves this issue without any need to change or do anything : as the config window is displayed, my settings are applied instantaneously! so i guess it would be nice to get an exec that simply applies saved settings and returns, so i could run it in my startup files and solve my issues..

thanks in advance for your support,

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