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Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
a1k is online again !!

follow this link to the latest (alpha/beta/gamma) flashupdate.

HD720 (1280x720) widescreen (16:9) support added !!!
(HD720 is part of the HighGFX40.6 aminet-package)

have phun

i dont think, that your problem is normal ...
it sounds like some electrical contact problem.
(we are talking about 10-15 year old "dusty" computer parts)
remove your indivison and clean all lisa-contacts.
this could help ...
(sorry, but i only own a a4k with compserv flifi)
thanks a lot for your help but cleaning lisa did not help...i'm really curious : did anyone try to save scanline settings for instance and performed a soft reboot (ie really quick and soft pressure upon ctrl+a+a combination) with 3.0 roms (or even 3.1 roms) to check if scanlines are still there after reboot ...

as i said performing a longer pressure on reboot keys combination seems to let enough time to indivision for initialisation and logo appears and saved settings are applied but when performing a quick soft reboot, saved settings are only applied when i launch config tool (just launching it without making any change applies my settings..) and indivision logo is not displayed... thanks to let me know even if you do not have this issue thk you
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