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Hi there. Received mine today, installed was quick and easy (i pushed it on lisa as much as i could and it really is stuck there now!). The image at 60hz is crystal clear on my samsung 940mw samsung. It really is higher quality than my previous benchmark which was xrgb2 box.. So i must first thank you very much individual comp, amigakit and all the other ones involved...still i have 2 minor issues i must solve before they really get annoying:
-my screen fails to sync randomly i think (i get a black picture for 1s). It really cannot be linked to anything (floppy or hd activity) and it can happen 3 times within 10s and then does not happen for 5mn. What makes me think that it may not be my screen pb is that it happens at every v refresh from 50hz to 75hz and in any resolution, whereas i do not get any problem with xrgb with the exact same lcd screen.. I also tries to play with hsync vsynv polarity but it did not improve you have any clue what it may be or had any similar report (i at least saw one on a french website..)?
-also i found that when resetting sometimes indivision does not get enough time to init (no indivision startup screen settings not applied) seems to happen when pressing shortly on the 3 keys combination..when pressing longer it works fine.. I was wonderong if it may be related to my 3.0 roms as i heard that 3.1 give more time to hd to init at reboot. It annoys me because i have a lot of script that perform software reboots to launch games and indivision almost always fail to apply my settings and give me defaults instead..i guess that you may think of a way to solve this on next firmware...

Thanks anyway for this great piece of hardware!!!

EDIT: Just had a look at samsung manual and found a table with suggested card settings (Hfreq/Vfreq/Pixel clock/H&V polarity) for resolutions..on 640x480 i get 4 options : MAC, IBM, VESA1 and VESA2...i will try each one of these to see if it improves my stability

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