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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Jez San's employees could perhaps be described as "the best 68K machine language programmers"... dunno about Jez himself.

I think the only game he personally coded on was StarGlider 1
Why, thank you.

Well, he did write some cool CPU filled poly routines for Amiga. He certainly knew the Amiga inside out. Writing games also requires imagination for coming up with how to do more complex stuff, discipline to write 30-60k lines of bug-free asm, and stamina to finish the damn thing.

Not to mention a talent for making a game appealing (have sensible controls and rewards systems) and the perseverance to finish those extras and enjoyable visuals.

So "being the greatest coder !!!!111one" and making enjoyable games are two different things, even tho back in the asm days you really couldn't be a terrible coder and still make decent games.

When I worked there Jez had a more managerial role, but he also tried out misc cool algorithms on PC, like fractal image compression and the like, and (with others) developed the FX chip for SNES, and other cool stuff
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