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Originally posted by BlockSize? User not in eab member list

Anyway, so
1. Get SCSI controller+Acard SCSI-IDE adapter+IDE to CF adapter+CF card for performance and less problems
2. Partition to 4GB partitions, Format quick to SFS, get the SCSI driver for your controller, and go

Mask = 0x7fffffff
MaxTransfer = 0x7fffffff
Blocksize = 512

...and experiment around a bit with huge blocksizes and test them with large file copys and file compares to max it out, then reformat and install everything

BTW, *is* CF faster than SD nowadays? I've heard two sides of the story, had something to do with writes. Can someone give a guided tour among <anything that is not a harddisk that connects to something than can be plugged into an Amiga SCSI controller via adapter> ? :P
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