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Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
Mine arrived this morning too. Took about 30 seconds to install and I was up and running. The picture seems like it could be a little sharper though. I'll have to update mine and get HighGFX installed and see what's what. It might also be the LCD I tested it on. I've got to try it on 21" flat screen CRT. I suspect that will provide a nicer picture and stop the woman whinging about my swiping her monitor.
hmm sounds like its the LCD..Im using an old 17" svga crt and its flawless

Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
Did the government shaft you for PST + GST + duty? They robbed me of $85 on the declared value of $400. Crap weasels.
sorry to hear that Golan I was lucky this time and didnt have to pay 1 cent on duty/taxes....but ive been burned in the past also...
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