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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I will have a look this evening. Didn't noticed this yet, but didn't had a longer run on the MegaCD version. I don't think that it has FMV though. Maybe I really need to take a longer look
I now played the Sega-CD version of "Shadow of the Beast II" on PSP. At first it seemed to be the first Sega-CD game that wouldn't boot in PicoDrive ("Heart of the Alien" and "Flashback" work fine).
But after checking a "slower, but more compatible"-option SotB2 booted (I could deactivate this option again after it showed the "Psygnosis"-logo).

It has different music. It doesn't sound bad, but the Amiga-soundtrack is vastly superior.

The main sprite looks entirely different and looks like an idiot. Also the "morning star" is smaller and seems to have a slightly shorter range. At least he has quite a few animation frames.

The enemies are like in the Amiga version - the world graphics are also almost identical.

The NPCs that talk to you do so with digitized speech. You don't need to ask them about infos - they'll tell you right away what you need to know (e.g. "lower switch").

I've seen ONE FMV: when you use an elevator-cage there is a (very poor) FMV where you see through the bars of the elevator-cage.

The gameplay seems identical to the Amiga-version. It doesn't seem any easier except for the fact that you have 3 lives instead of just one.

The game works fullspeed on PSP...

I tried "Heart of the Alien". The Intro is awesome. You see lots of the events taking place in "Another World" from Buddy's point of view. Nice. Started playing the game: got killed by the black lion after 5 seconds...

Btw.: On the same disc (iso ) is "Out of this World" (Another World).

I also got "Flashback" for Sega-CD. Instead of the animated polygon-cutscenes of the Amiga-version it has supposedly superior FMVs. But to be honest - these FMVs look like crap...

I now also tried the PS1-version of "Fade to Black" on PSP. The textures aren't that ugly - they're very simplistic which is a good thing. I only solved the first two puzzles and they were nicely done. Doesn't seem so bad - this game.

Currently playing "Silent Hill Orgins" on PSP. Very creepy. After that I'll play through Another World, Heart of the Alien, Flashback and Fade to Black. In that order.
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