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Ahhh, roleplaying... paper & funny-shaped dice.

One of my favourite memories (among many) was playing AD&D: The Temple of Elemental Evil...
...there were a bunch of us who'd been playing the same group of characters through a few campaigns. My character was a NE High Elven Illusionist (only 4'7"). His 'best friend' a LG Monk - long storey...
...anyway my monk 'friend' got lucky & accidentally got a wish granted for a HUGE amount of money to be left @ his local monastery - sadly for him he didn't realise & I did... I 'accidentally' got myself killed knowing he'd be duty-bound to carry my corpse back home to get me resurrected @ great personal expense while the others continued the hack 'n slash...
...well, once alive again, sure enough there was the cash in a locked chest in his cell. Monks have crappy thief skills & he also had some magic rings I wanted...
...I checked-out said casket & sure-enough the lock was trapped well beyond his skills, so:

Being his good 'friend' I thanked him for saving me, pointed out the box & assured him he'd have no trouble opening it... the process he lost his fingers which I reanimated with a little spell knowing the wiggling fingers would be looked upon by his order as a form of zombie-type blasphemy.
He was locked-up as a heretic post haste so leaving me in peace to grab the cash at no risk from the already sprung traps, grab his magic rings & make off with the lot!

The great thing was that Mark (who played the monk) was well aware of what I was up to but non-the-less played it straight as his character didn't...
...with every twist of the above plot as I explained to our DM what I was up to; Mark would squirm & exclaim 'You B*stard!' & the DM along with the rest of the players would dissolve yet again into fits of laughter while Mark mourned his lost money, lost rings, lost levels for blaspheming in font of his fellow monks, and lost but wriggly fingers...
...Mark wanted to regain his fingers but he didn't have much left to pick them up with & as they were wriggling about the DM insisted he roll for each attempt, to our collective amusement.
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