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best retro roleplaying experience

No restrictions thread, aside for the retro slant that this forum support, for your memories of great roleplaying experiences!

well, let's add a "no erotic role playing" rule, just for the sake of public health...

Let's the G mods please move this thread if it's in a wrong place, i could not find "retrogaming other" forum!

what's your best pen and paper, or computer, or even live game, moment of pure marvel or of realization, maybe overcoming an obstacle with cunning or just enjoyng a weel rendered ambientation?

for me, as i have not played much pen and paper games, maybe just one season, even if i collected some game books, it was probably the approach to the keep of the evil wizard in the very first Dungeon and Dragons game, the adventure that came with the ruleset.

it was a sunny summer afternoon, in the game as well as in the real weather, and the party was facing its very first adventure! all the world seemed to be a sunny place with evil keeps seeded here and there to be dared!

and there the group of adventureers was trying to sneak in a crackle by the walls to avoid the kobold garrison, just to be assaulted by surprise by a giant worm hiding under a fallen gate, in the very first hole on the terrain they were to encounter!

some was paralyzed, an entire platoon of dog faced humanoids jumped at them with short knives and arrows!

it was too cool!

there started my love for rpgs, and almost incidentally, there born and died the love for rpgs of my friends, who passed the rest of the day grabbing kobolds by the tail, setting them on flame and twirling them around, to make light, as nobody thought to bring torches...
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