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Games programming and demo programming were 2 very different things. Excellent, technically amazing demo coders often didn't make good games programmers. There were exceptions, don't get me wrong.

For me, games wise it's the classic names Geoff Crammond, Archer McLean, Andrew Braybrook etc. Also not forgetting to mention David Braben, Dino Dini, Sensible Software etc.

Demos was about technical ability and not gelling it into game design. But some awesome coders like Chaos / Sanity, the guy from Complex (did Real, Origin), Gods coders, Team Hoi, plus plenty of A500 demo coders etc. My mind is blank for some reason!!

How could I nearly forget Teijo Kinnunen for Octamed. Responsible for eating up more of my time than any other music package, even Ableton & Reason in the present day!

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