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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
@mfilos: Very nice!

Quick question:
It looks like your rather nice A1200 is still in it's desktop case... on earth did you get it back together again once you'd added the socket-risers for your FastATA?

Having done the same thing there just wasn't sufficient room to get the keyboard back down... I went & got a PowerFlyer Express
Tbh I haven't even closed the upper case yet but I'm in the proccess of cutting a piece of the metal keyboard back in order for the lower Kickstart to be able to fit (Putting insulation inside keyboard ofc). It really requires a little bit of hackery for the keyboard to sit down as intended but is very doable. I will submit full pr0n photos after the whole hackery (for Zetr0's sake also lol) but just submited these pics since the topic was relevant

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