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OK Indivision 1200 (SD/FF) arrived for me also today...
Since I'm making my own A1200D PPC I had the following issue:

Indivision 1200 DOESN'T fit along with BVision by default :S

So I decided to rip the plastic connector leaving only the pins intact. After some tries experimenting everything works like a charm! Now in my Desktop Α1200 Indivision 1200, FastATA mkIII and BVision all reside and work together just fine. EZkey keyboard adapter also fits nicely above BVision.

Switching between RTG/AGA is done of course via UMON adapter that is installed nicely in the backplate of the A1200 along with the power plug connector of PicoPSU.

Just wanted to update here to say that It works with FastATA and Bvision.
Of course I have installed 2+2 extra Kickstart spacers (others buy it as BVision kit) in order for the FastATA to raise.

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