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Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
1. i am now using amigasys4aga 3.1 and want to upgrade to 3.9. the problem is that it does not work - it did not work with amigasys3agaplus as well
2. winuae 1.5.2
3. job done, email sent.
4. and i have sent a screenshot (strange, but this time there is no background picture at all, but anyway, have a look at it)
5. i ment the original AmigaOs3.9 background picture

best regards!
Like that as if the setup would not be going throughout. He could not be Amidock. He could not be looking for the original background. How do you install it? Mount, etc. write it down. (What mount CD? Sends mailba the mount file., Mount and Wait for AmigaSYS installed?). Onto a glance everything is missing quasi.
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