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Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
hi dary,
i was too tired last night to write a better report... 3.1 installs fine as with amigasys3agaplus. AmigaOS3.9 CD from haage&partner SEEMS to install fine (no more error: object not found), but after reboot i see the boing ball background picture, the os3.9 program-starter-bar on the lower part of the screen, and "the background pictures of amigasys4 prefs cannot be found" as a pop-up. the installer causes interferences or sort of overlays between both systems. any chance of you having a look at this? or better, can i update by hand???

another thing is the spiele/spieler-thing. player in german actually is "spieler" but no one says something like mp3-spieler. so germans also call it player. games is "spiele" but no problem calling it games as well, because everyone uses and understands this word. and even if you use these two words the meanings got swapped in amigasys4. can one change these buttons by hand?

best regards!!

ps: if you get my os3.9 working in amigasys4aga i'll send 30€ per pay pal - promise!!
More information would be needed.
1, AmigaSYS 3 AGA Plus, you are AmigaSYS 4 AGA? (you write first amigasys3plus)
2, you install it with platform? (WinUAE, Amiga, Linux)
3, Visual Guide program. Prepare the CD from a picture single Guide file. (System button, Visual Guide) Settings: no comment, no icons. Sends for me e-mail.
4, a picture would be needed anyway.

I do not understand a couple of your comment.

"but after reboot i see the boing ball background picture"
AmigaSYS boing or original AmigaOS 3.9?

"any chance of you having a look at this? or better, can i update by hand???"

Use reagain AmigaSYS Screenmodes. (Preferences or AmigaSYS 4 button right side).

The install one were corrected, a mistake could not be like this. An answer would be needed for my above requests.
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