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Workbitch 1.3

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\o/ Arrived today, workbench seems to be flicky using an old version of highgfx I had installed previously and using many higher screen modes. Games seem to run rock solid. Time to download the config tool and updated core.

Thanks Jens and thanks amigakit.

EDIT:/ Wow, didn't take long to kill it. Flashed to the newer firmware and then saved the default settings on the config tool. Now I am getting nothing, plugged my multisync into the rgb port and the colours were all screwy so I reflashed the indivision and repeated the above procedure. Colours are fine on my multisync via the rgb monitor again but getting nothing on the TFT via the indivision. Repeated the flash procedure several times and nothing is happening. Flash tool reports the FPGA is not configured. Where is this recovery adf on Jens' website? All I can find pertaining to the indivision is the 0.9 config with 1.1 core. Could someone send me their backup of the 1.0 core as I stupidly did not back this up.

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