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Ok, after read that I tested the superfrog codes with two diff configurations on two different pcs and they seem to work perfectly on both.

One thing I found out is that the 1.3.3 version of winuae has a bug when trying to freeze the value, couldn't make it work. Probably is a matter of the old debugger. I know the addresses are the same cuz I tested it with the lives and energy ones, if you try to freeze a value other than the original it will do nothing, if you try to freeze the original value it will be at zero. I made a search with deep trainer there and found the same addresses.

Then I did another test, the Adventures of quick silva code, that one was made lot of time ago, think like 8 months ago, and with a totally different configuration, and obviously an old winuae version, and it still works with the last official realease of winuae and this configuration I'm using now.

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