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Cool Monty, SID and more

I could not come up with a better example, Drake. The problem with Impossamole is that it appeared in the wrong era. For me, 1990 isn’t exactly known for its high-quality music. The Impossamole-song sounds like a Mc Hammer/Vanilla Ice potpourri and was already outdated when it was released. Also, remixing a classic song always results in an inferior tune.
Another example of a song which is great on C64 but so-so on Amiga is US Gold’s Crack Down. There is only one ingame-tune in the C64 version but its much better than all songs in Amiga Crack Down. The C64 SID-chip is capable of creating really atmospheric compostions.

I remember a PD compilation called ‘The A to Z of C64 tunes’ which appeared in 1991(!) on Amiga. It featured all those lovely old C64-tunes like Arkanoid and Monty on the Run. If you search the Aminet archive you might possibly find it on ADF.
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