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Do NOT panic, I repeat do NOT panic. In the event of WinUAE Defcon 1 being initiated (global WinUAE downtime) please carry out the following;

1) Do NOT panic - there are plently of other things to do.
2) Make love to a beautiful man/woman/mermaid/whatever floats your boat
3) Ping the WinUAE servers with the '-t' flag so that you will know when it's back on line.
4) Cry into your favourite pillow
5) Play on an older version of WinUAE - these work!
6) Post on EAB to other fellow WinUAE'ers and we will all act to help one another
7) Visit the house of Shoonay and play with his cat 'Spot' with a ball of wool.
8) Goto the gym and pump some iron
9) Goto a Van Halen concert
10) Read assembly language book 50 times over until you understand and can memorise all code
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