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The Best Trainer Ever!

Some time ago I put a thread concerning the worst Amiga game trainer ever.

Now I would like to know what is the BEST trainer ever across to you. This would be fun to know because I just love really good trainers!

My choice is PINBALL DREAMS and Anthrox's modest "mass production" trainer. The reason to this is a marvelous idea to let the gamer to choose the amount of balls! How brilliant is that!

Who wants to play with unlimited balls!!?? No way to achieve high scores, just boring endless play. It's more fun to choose say 10 balls and play with your friend (or with a girliefriend ) and take a good competition!

I hope there would have been more these kind of innovative trainers. For example SILK WORM with a trainer to choose the amount of your lives ( maybe 3-4 moore to default) so you would pass the game, but with hard trying!
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