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Originally Posted by krutknut View Post
Now, what can you do with it, once the 650 euros have been spent?

Open, move, and close some windows can be great fun I suppose...
Anything else?
It's an interesting point, & the point on which a lot of the OS4 negativity is based (including mine). It's a great deal of money + yet another box to find room for 'just' the have a fiddle...
...having said that, playing devil's advocate for a mo', is that greatly different from to 'use' to which we put our classic Amigas..?

For me my main peeve is at least now settled: Here's an OS I'd like to play with but never will because there's no hardware on which to run it... I at least have a small hope of getting to play.

I wish all parties all the best given the hard work & investment they have put into these projects but I'm still a long way from joining in:
The barrier(s) for me are still way too high (sadly). Port OS4 to a platform I'm likely to have (cough - x86) & sell the installation media for £25 - £50 & I'm in.
Would I be alone?

I know this is a subject I & numerous others have brought up many times. My hope is if you ask (politely) often enough it might happen.
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