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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
In the arcades, they seemed to have incredibly well written games, they rarely crashed ...
However, was that due to good programmers, or really good hardware?
95%+ of the arcade games were from Japanese manufacturers with a long tradition of 0% fault tolerance. You don't have to look further then what came later on with nes, snes, megadrive or similar, they did not crash. The difference is simply professionalism and locked down systems (licensing for consoles)

Europe (with atari and amiga) had a thriving culture of bedroom programmers and could develop really original ideas less limited with ratings and corporate BS. Cracking and copying didn't really help stability either.

Japan had professionalism, teams and living tradition of animation and manga, essential for a polished product. If you look at the credits for arcade games from around the same time they read like a modern development team with several dedicated programmers and artists. Could they have developed games that would have pushed the amiga? Looking at the x68000 I'd say without a doubt...

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