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Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post

You need to save default settings first to the Indi when reflashed with the new firmware to be safe.

To adjust the display click "Use Display Timing" Box to change to User Settings mode and away you go, If you lose display just reset your A1200 as the settings have NOT been saved.
Note pressing "save" will write these values to the Indi to default to on startup....

Changed it to 'user settings', changed the hsync to 40.7 and the vsync to 65, saved and reset my 1200. Settings have been saved but the screen is still flickering slightly in WB which my monitor confirms with a reading of FH 40.7 and a FV of 49.6? So the FH reading displayed by the config tool is accurate but the FV is a porky pie? The only way I can get the FV up is if I change the 'scanmode' to 1.25 which changes the FH to 50.9 and the FV to 62.1 (reported by the monitor).

Also the screen timing +/- seems to work the opposite way (minus increases and plus decreases?), the FH setting also changes the FV setting but not the other way around.

And finally the screen position arrows in the config tool do nothing for me? Do they work ok for you?

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