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Sorry to hear that Mr Bootson, hope it turns up soon!

Just a quite note to say that I've now got mine installed and working.

I had a few issues getting it clipped on as my IDEExpress adaptor was getting in the way so I had to remove it first. Even then I didn't manage to get the nice 'click' but it seems to be on ok.

Video quality is excellent with no ghosting or other issues (using an old 19" CRT). I'm currently running WB in 640x512 interlaced with no flicker. When I get the time I'll try and flash the sucker and install the latest version of HighGFX. I only got the chance to try a single AGA game (Pinball Fant) and it was very impressive, I can now read all the text clearly for the first time

I need to change it so it runs a 50hz to fix the scrolling in games.

Still need a solution for the mounting bracket...
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