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Right, this will be the last post on this thread (unless of course another mod decides to unlock it...)

In fairness some people have made good points here - yes, I do indeed understand that if you offered advice to someone and they didn't even bother to listen that would annoy you, of course it would. And no, I'm not part of the demo scene so I don't really understand how it works. But that is still no excuse for the comments and the attitude on this thread. As we have seen all it does is create hostility where there doesn't need to be any and we end up in the sad situation where I have to lock the thread.

As Damien and I have said, regardless of what goes on elsewhere, we don't want this sort of thing spreading to EAB. And as I also said - I never said to give things praise regardless of quality, in fact I think it'd be a sad day if this ever happened, I said you should be respectful at least, even if you don't feel the other parties involved have been as it only makes things so much worse.

If anyone has any comments/questions then please feel free to PM me.
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