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So nice, this thread...

I was active in the scene (co-founder of Hypnotic, a short time Panic later on Vanish then back to Hypnotic) around '89 till '94 then things dropped slowly.
We organized two parties in southern germany then : the Hypnotic-Energy-Awesome party and the Doomsday-Party, both held nearby Karlsruhe. Two of the craziest things I took part...

Two of my best friends are from this time : Storm/Energy and Ventor/Awesome. Still we talk about this golden age from time to time, though everydays life is more important.

People I really would like to know what happened to them are : the guys from Vanish (esp. Calypso), Funky (forgot his group), all folks from Hypnotic, the guys from Panic (someone said Zig Zag Corporation), Pauly/Treacl,, the southern guys from D-Tect (Mr. X ?). And last but not least the bunch of people here in the south-western part of germany. Anyone remembers the "Stammtisch in der Harmonie" ?
Sure I forgot some people, please dont mind.
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